Satisfied clients talk about us

Commitment, mutual respect, continuous improvement, local initiatives and a real effort in the right place at the right time these are the basic values of VELUX culture. In the case of PRO VOX, we found the right partner who share these values with us, and that is the foundation of a long-term cooperation.

Tamara Milovanović, Marketing / Customer Service Manager

VELUX Srbija

Pleasure doing business with you.

Veselin Mirkov, Chief Sales Officer


We have very positive experiences working with you and we hope our excellent cooperation will continue also in the future.

Matija Žun, Procurement Officer

GTZ International Services

I praise the efforts made by PRO VOX as a local logistic agency for GTZ/TAIEX expert events.

Snežana Zubić Petrović, Head of Unit

Serbian Ministry of Economy and Regional Development

You gave us an excellent foundation for our "ella" brand and a very modern design solution. Now I'm convinced that "ella" is ready for the future.

Tanja Antić, Marketing & PR Manager


Since the beginning of our collaboration, you are always here to help us make our brands and products successful. Marketing is easier with you!

Gordana Čavlin, Marketing Manager


We weren't clear what the meaning of the brand was, but we knew that it offered us an ample opportunity. If we haven't it today, it would've been very difficult. For me, the brand is the symbol of the positive change in our business and a constant source of ideas for further improvements.

Ilona Buš, Managing Director


We knew we had to promote our products, but we didn't know how. When PRO VOX suggested forming a brand, it occurred to as a good solution. Now we realize that we have been brave, and that we decided right.

Karolj Kermeci, Deputy Managing Director


For us, 2009 at the beginning wasn't great. However, PRO VOX expanded our horizons with marketing plan and we finally understood what we started. Everything became clear and achievable. The first results encourage us that we are really going to achieve our ideas.

Vidak Anđečić, Owner


We asked PRO VOX for advice and help. We presented them our ideas and the problems we face. With marketing plan, we got an unity that gave shape to our ideas and contributed our shortcomings got understood, and therefore through PRO VOX proposals overcomed.

Janko Vučinić, General Manager


PRO VOX adequately understood our needs in the right time and made our cooperative a perfect marketing plan that has even surpassed many plans from bigger companies. Now, six years after the initial investment, the entire investment is paid out and a huge progress is made in the placement of our products.

Igor Šipraga, Manager

Agricultural Cooperative PRIMA

Maximum professionalism, accuracy, quality of services, creativity, friendly cooperation, and all in the first place. That's PRO VOX!

Kornelia Radić, Sales Manager