Tailor-made brand solutions

Strategic Brand Solutions

The complexity and necessity of a marketing planning, brand management, integrated marketing communications, and design can hinder the success of your products or services, increasing the probabilities of your company to go out of business.


The question is: "Why would you want PRO VOX to provide you with its marketing plan, brand management, integrated marketing communications, and design services?" Our answer is simple and straight forward: "Because we understand what it takes to cope with and overcome the challenges associated with all these elements."


As a boutique strategic marketing agency, PRO VOX offers you a full range of services and expertize not only tailored to your unique needs, consumer and market, but also designed specifically to maximize your business opportunities.

Marketing Planning

Through a marketing plan we will provide answers how to satisfy your customers needs and achieve business success.

Brand Management

Together we can develop a brand which will become stamped on your customers' minds.

Integrated Marketing Communications

You can expect us to offer you an optimal combination of marketing communications that will achieve best results.

  • Advertising
    Let us provide you with effective advertising that will ensure your message will reach the right people!
  • Event Marketing
    Leave the organization of an event to us and we shall do our utmost to make it purposeful and memorable.
  • Public Relations and Consumer Relations
    It is crucial to business how your company is perceived by others and what they think about it, although it may not seem so. Together we can build and maintain a positive image of your company.
  • Sales Promotion
    Our team will suggest you a winning combination for sales increase.
  • Direct Marketing
    Provide customers with a simple, direct, and practical way to get informed about your offer and measure their feedback. With direct marketing this is exactly what we offer!


Let us use design in the best possible way and present the spirit of your company. You will surely be noticed!