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ella girls in Subotica

Posted by Aleksandar Jović on 22 June 2010 14:54 in Events

After several months of the exciting campaign, in the beautiful ambience of "Galleria" hotel in Subotica, on the June 12, 2010 we had organized the final of the contest "A sad, ti!" ("And now, you!"), the competition for ella face. The girls with the largest number of votes participated in the final, among more than 800 participants of the contest.

The girls had been arriving whole morning, and we had taken them to the hairdresser's where professional hairdressers and make-up artists took care of their looks. The final was held in near proximity of it, so we took the opportunity to show the girls the center of Subotica.

Everything was ready and the final could begin. But, one phone call surprised us and delighted us as well. Jelena, one of the participants who didn't show up, called us while she was in the bus. That wouldn't be strange if the bus hadn't been coming straight from Greece! Tremendous wish to participate had forced her to come to the final straight from a summer vacation. Not even making the hairstyle in the bus and putting on make-up on a break between driving wasn't problem to her. When the whole bus heard about the unusual event, passengers agreed not to make breaks anymore, so that the girl could come to the final on time.

The finalists of the “A sad, ti!” contest for ella face

Jelena's wish came true, she arrived right before the beginning of the final and she participated! The program was hosted by Ana Pendić, popular TV personality. Zorana Vinčić, the winner of the contest, won a romantic trip to Paris, and the top 5 girls won the shooting for photo book and they can expect new meeting with us!



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