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How to achieve success by using social networks?

Posted by Suzana Milijašević Đurić on 10 June 2011 10:58 in Projects

Everyone talks about social networks. Many people have become real experts for marketing "from mouth to mouth" via the Internet (viral marketing) overnight, but at the same time, there are incredibly many people who doubt the efficiency of the social networks. And you are one of them. Yes, we know that's right.


We won't spill the pearls of wisdom on how important it is that you participate and how great results you can achieve, because many have described it very nicely before us. Invest some time, read some texts and learn how to use these new business skills.


It is hard to give a universal piece of advice on how to use popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube for business purpose and achieve success. That's why we have made a video about one successful, small entrepreneur and have described the ways he used and achieved the desired business results.



If you liked this example and if you recognized at least a part of your business situation in it, then you're ready to start off the journey on these unexplored oceans of marketing communications and find your hidden treasure. But, before you do that, follow these rules:


  • 1. Don't hesitate
    You must be thinking when is the right time for you to join the rising wave of communicating with ultimate consumers, clients via the social networks. Right now! Look back, because your competitor may have joined in already. And if he hasn't, be the first!

  • 2. There is no unique recipe
    There are so many social media experts and you still think which way is the right one for you! There is no unique solution! You are the creator of your own path. The way you choose for you is the best one.

  • 3. It doesn't have to be perfect
    Nothing in the world is perfect and it never will be. Hence, don't wait for all the pieces of a puzzle to fit. It will be late. Be sure that you will make mistakes, but don't worry. Just listen to the pulse of your consumers, clients, public opinion and be ready to learn from your mistakes.

  • 4. Be honest
    If you have ever hidden real information from public through other marketing activities, forget about that in social media. The falsehood will be revealed, and you will pay a high price fot that. It's better to admit some of your weaknesses, because it's human and tell that you want to fix them. People will understand you and even support you. Honesty pays off!

  • 5. Cherish your friends
    Don't start communication over social media if you're not ready to maintain it continually. Imagine that you have gained new friendship and have left a good impression, and then you don't say hello in the next six months. What will they think about you? At least that you're frivolous.

  • 6. You have no direct control
    Marketing managers are acustomed to or they at least make efforts to keep every activity under control. Marketing plans, strategies, estimates, expectations! Forget about that in social media. Here you can only work hard and monitor the results of your work. Not even the most sofisticated marketing tools will help you to precisely foresee the public reactions on some of your acts. You can only assume that they will be positive or negative, and sometimes not even that.

Don't be intimidated by the fact that you don't have the full control over the social media, i.e. over people. And when have you ever had? Take over the reins and start the journey. For start, you need time and a bit of effort and the rest will appear during the journey. Bon voyage!

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