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How to achieve success by using social networks?

Posted by Suzana Milijašević Đurić on 10 June 2011 10:58 in Projects

Everyone talks about social networks. Many people have become real experts for marketing "from mouth to mouth" via the Internet (viral marketing) overnight, but at the same time, there are incredibly many people who doubt the efficiency of the social networks. And you are one of them. Yes, we know that's right.


We won't spill the pearls of wisdom on how important it is that you participate and how great results you can achieve, because many have described it very nicely before us. Invest some time, read some texts and learn how to use these new business skills.


It is hard to give a universal piece of advice on how to use popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube for business purpose and achieve success. That's why we have made a video about one successful, small entrepreneur and have described the ways he used and achieved the desired business results.



If you liked this example and if you recognized at least a part of your business situation in it, then you're ready to start off the journey on these unexplored oceans of marketing communications and find your hidden treasure. But, before you do that, follow these rules:


  • 1. Don't hesitate
    You must be thinking when is the right time for you to join the rising wave of communicating with ultimate consumers, clients via the social networks. Right now! Look back, because your competitor may have joined in already. And if he hasn't, be the first!

  • 2. There is no unique recipe
    There are so many social media experts and you still think which way is the right one for you! There is no unique solution! You are the creator of your own path. The way you choose for you is the best one.

  • 3. It doesn't have to be perfect
    Nothing in the world is perfect and it never will be. Hence, don't wait for all the pieces of a puzzle to fit. It will be late. Be sure that you will make mistakes, but don't worry. Just listen to the pulse of your consumers, clients, public opinion and be ready to learn from your mistakes.

  • 4. Be honest
    If you have ever hidden real information from public through other marketing activities, forget about that in social media. The falsehood will be revealed, and you will pay a high price fot that. It's better to admit some of your weaknesses, because it's human and tell that you want to fix them. People will understand you and even support you. Honesty pays off!

  • 5. Cherish your friends
    Don't start communication over social media if you're not ready to maintain it continually. Imagine that you have gained new friendship and have left a good impression, and then you don't say hello in the next six months. What will they think about you? At least that you're frivolous.

  • 6. You have no direct control
    Marketing managers are acustomed to or they at least make efforts to keep every activity under control. Marketing plans, strategies, estimates, expectations! Forget about that in social media. Here you can only work hard and monitor the results of your work. Not even the most sofisticated marketing tools will help you to precisely foresee the public reactions on some of your acts. You can only assume that they will be positive or negative, and sometimes not even that.

Don't be intimidated by the fact that you don't have the full control over the social media, i.e. over people. And when have you ever had? Take over the reins and start the journey. For start, you need time and a bit of effort and the rest will appear during the journey. Bon voyage!

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"Feshta" in the center of the town

Posted by Srđan Simijanović on 20 June 2010 10:19 in Projects

Several days after the shooting of the TV spot with knights and landladies, we came back from the Middle Ages to the urban environment to shoot the second TV spot. About a hundred young people had to be found, extras which would dance, run, walk and jump. The announcement for the TV spot and the news about the casting spread across the town promptly. Several SMS messages and posts on our Facebook profiles were enough to attract more than a hundred extras!

Technical equipment, actors and extras were on the shooting scene at a prearranged time. Weather conditions weren't really in our favor, it was chilly, it was raining all the time, and the wind was constantly blowing. The irony is that we needed a summer day - the sun, summer clothing, an outdoor café, smiling people running along the street and a park! Since there were no indications that the weather will improve, after consultations we decided to postpone the shooting in the park and in the street, and shoot the scene in the indoor fountain that day. The extras gathered round the fountain, the leading actors, Milan Kalinić and Andrija Milošević, as well as the whole crew, were ready. DJ started playing music. The party could begin!

Over the hundred people danced in and round the fountain. It was the party as seen in movies! The scenes and photos that we got thrilled us with the positive energy.


The party in the fountain

For the second day of the shooting, a street in the center of the town had to be closed for the traffic, parked vehicles had to be removed and regulate access for pedestrians. We had only two days to get all permissions. Who is familiar with the situation in Subotica would only smile expressing disbelief. But we had proved that everything's possible! But let's keep it secret how we had coped with the situation and how we had made it. ;)

We were ready for the second day of shooting. It was a sunny day, just as we had in mind. The shooting went in positive atmosphere. In Subotica, the town which has a reputation of being quiet and peaceful, an event with lots of young people running across the town was something that attracted people's attention. In the breaks between the shooting, the people who participated in making of the TV spot had the chance to take a photo with their favorite TV personalities.

Blocking the traffic in the center of the town, a park full with technical equipment, make-up artists, hairdressers, the police, chasing in the park, a tow truck, coordination of more than a hundred extras, a couple on the bench, girls on the Vespa, a greengrocer, a café, Milan Kalinić and Andrija Milošević, are just some of the interesting details from the shooting. And what came out of this... Of course, "Feshta" (party)!


Young people following Milan Kalinić



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This is the time of Knightly Games

Posted by Natalija Skakić on 18 June 2010 01:00 in Projects

If you think that the time of chivalry has gone, you are wrong. And you're not the only one.

Our fellow-citizens, inhabitants of joint yard in which is also the hair salon where we did various magic, were very surprised when one morning, coming out on their balconies in search of fresh morning air, they actually saw a bunch of cheerful knights. Young, buxom, ample bosom landladies were in their company. All this was the preparation for shooting a TV spot. But, let's start from the beginning...

The time for shooting the TV spot had been approaching. Actors had to be found. Easy, someone would say, but it's not that simple. For the role of knights, we needed tall, burly guys with long hair, beard and mustaches. What didn't we do to find them?! We asked acquaintances, acquaintances' acquaintances, searched among the friends on the Facebook, we even waylaid some people on the street on several occasions! We had found one "knight" by memory that there used to be a guy in some agency who met our requirements! The pursuit of "waitresses" with required "attributes" was especially pleasant for the male members of the crew. ;) God knows how many basements had we visited in order to find the right place for shooting! As children, we often wondered what's behind those tiny, little windows in old buildings in the center of the town. This was the great opportunity to find out.


A detail from shooting of TV spot for Pehar juices


The day for the shooting had come. The yard of one building in the center of Subotica which we had picked out was crowded with knights, landladies, technical equipment, and people rushing in order to everything goes according to plan. Since everything was already planned, the shooting of the TV spot went without any difficulties, so we had time for hanging out and photo session. Almost all the members of the crew grabbed the chance to take a photo of them with interesting figures from the Middle Ages! That day, even leading actors of the TV spot, famous TV personalities Milan Kalinić and Andrija Milošević were in the mood. During the shooting, many comic and unplanned situations that had happened were caught on camera, and some were even inserted in the spot afterwards!

The Middle Ages, torches, the inn, the knights in shining armors, swords, a goblet, a soccer ball... What came out of this, check out in the video.



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Good old tow

Posted by Srđan Simijanović on 07 May 2010 13:55 in Projects

Making of the film for Faculty of Economics from Subotica, Serbia was already in progress. It was necessary to shoot some scenes at Palić while the camera was on the vessel. One of the girls from the video was sitting on the popular "lover's bench", while a two-member team took Oxon (a craft on the water). The wind was relentless, and the Oxon was slowly gliding over the lake towards the destination. We shot enough scenes and went back upwind. To our astonishment, the engines stopped working. While we were shouting for help, the wind was slowly taking us in the opposite direction. We could see from the distance that help was on its way, but we laughed our heads off when we realized that those were actually two workers on a pedal boat who thought they could have helped us. It took us more than half an hour to reach the desired destination, partly because of the wind, and partly because of the load we were dragging. Our girl from the video perpetuated this moment, so you can see this situation on the photo.


Detail from the filming of the promotional ad for Faculty of Economics in Subotica, Serbia


The film had its premiere on the May 17, 2010 and it marked the 50th anniversary of Faculty of Economics in Subotica.



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Little elves making a giant cap

Posted by Natalija Skakić on 15 April 2010 14:20 in Projects

PRO VOX is a happy, little family. We are all here for each other, through thick and thin. Selfless support and sacrifice are just some of the virtues we possess and we are proud of. In addition, here's a very unusual story.

In business we do, unexpected circumstances and new situations which demand quick reaction are frequent and most often they catch you in a moment when you least expect. For instance, while you wait at the bus stop for a bus to take you home, as in my case. And then your cell phone rings. The boss? You answer the call, expecting she calls to hear the summary of the workday she wasn't at, but no! She told me about the client's new request for making a giant winter cap which had to be displayed on the booth on the construction fair the next day. We only had few hours to complete the job. Phone calls to colleagues who also went home followed, we had to buy necessary material, and organize the action! The colleague's cooperation wasn't missing, so we managed in short period of time to gather and organize ourselves.

And so, little PRO VOX elves worked hard all night, imagining they were on the beach of some exotic island drinking cocktails (instead of coffee that we drank in huge quantities to stay awake). We cheered ourselves up (because motivation and stamina may betray) and enjoyed the break of dawn.

However, the job was completed in due time. We all went home to sleep pleased we've done the job properly, but we couldn't be happier when we were told that the client was very satisfied. After all, the client always comes first, right?


Mali patuljci prave ogromnu kapu


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Contest for ella face = girls everywhere!

Posted by Srđan Simijanović on 14 April 2010 16:50 in Projects

The promotion of the contest for "ella" face called "And now, you!" was held from 9th to 11th April 2010 and that's when the contest has officially started. Beautiful girls were arriving, and our job was to register and take photos of them for the contest. We came upon this idea 5 months ago when we were thinking how to promote "ella" brand and "ella" Facebook page even better. Those three days were just the beginning of the "torture" for the guys from PRO VOX team because by propositions of the contest girls were further able to send pictures themselves. By propositions, the pictures shouldn't be improper. Hm, let's just say not all the girls read this instruction... :)


The contest for "ella" face has achieved great success in just a few days and the number of fans of "ella" Facebook page has started to exponentially rise.


Izbor za ella lice


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Photo session with Natalija Raičević

Posted by Suzana Milijašević Đurić on 12 April 2010 10:15 in Projects

The contest for the "ella" face is the most recent action we are carrying out for the purpose of promoting this brand, and we have chosen our fellow-citizen, ballerina Natalija Raičevć, for the new face of the action. Of course, we needed the photos of her for this campaign.

Our long-time associate, well-known photographer Verko Ignjatovć, has gladly responded to our invitation for collaboration. A few days before the arranged time of photo session, our colleagues wore their soles away visiting magnificent old buildings in the center of Subotica, but eventually we've chosen several most impressive locations.

The team on the shooting was great! :) Relaxed, with lots of laugh, we made fantastic photos. I hope the director of the art gallery "Likovni susret" won't get angry because at one moment we had moved a hundred-year-old piano so that our model, Natalija, could be photographed on it.



Natalija Raičević i ekipa sa fotografisanja


If we leave out rainy weather, and the possibility to brawl with the owner of one of the buildings (because he thought we trespassed on his property), that day was absolutely creative. It's true that it took a bit longer than usual for our hairdresser to make a hairstyle for Natalija, while the rest of the crew sat on cold steps waiting for the "star" to be ready, but the make-up artist had done a great job!

I think that even Natalija's best friends were pleasantly surprised by her looks on the photos. Anyway, PRO VOX team atmosphere is something that must be experienced. Describing it is just a pale shadow of reality.


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TV commercial "The right to smile"

Posted by Suzana Milijašević Đurić on 30 March 2010 21:07 in Projects

Every shooting has its little secrets that are never seen. This time an interesting situation had happened, too.

Our colleague producer had at one moment shouted "STOP" and everybody had wondered why. He said a little girl was missing, so he was accused of being a perfectionist and told that no one will notice that one girl is missing in the shot. He replied: "No, she isn't missing in the shot! She's lost! Her teacher has just told me." Everybody began searching and she was found in the toilette where she was locked for 15 minutes. The door got stuck, and she didn't know how to get out.

By the way, kids were really great and it was a pleasure to work with them. They were funny and obedient. It seemed that some of them might be top actors since they were already showing a great talent. They just have to be hardworking and success will certainly come. Some kids were simply fascinated with the camera, so they chased our crew in the breaks between shootings.

Our young celebrities were fair and correct too, although most of them were in a great rush. Their absence was later covered up by different shooting angles. Anyway, we are grateful for their time and participation in the action to help children. On the whole, voluntary atmosphere on the set was very pleasant and it's kind of nice when everybody work without being paid, there's no usual pressure. It was interesting to watch how athletes, singers, hosts and actors reacted differently on the same situations on the shooting. It's been really amusing. :)



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