Every business task is a challenge for us


Founded in 1997 in Subotica, Serbia, PRO VOX is a strategic marketing agency offering marketing planning, brand management, integrated marketing communications and design.


Through committed partnership with our clients, we have been building success since our inception. We see ourselves as a collective, a team of people with various profiles governed by ideas, rules of marketing profession, marketing experience and mutual goals. Whether your focus is regional, national or global, we provide you with original ideas and quality solutions that will enhance and achieve your marketing goals at reasonable prices.


The basis of our work is formed of intangible matters, such as dreams, wishes and ideas, whereas the results of our work are quite tangible and measurable.


Our mission is to materialize our clients dreams into achievable marketing goals. This mission is certainly challenging, but therein lies the beauty of our job, which is why we love it!


We are best described by qualities and characteristics we possess and cherish, and also value in others. Those are:


We build partnership with our clients and associates through honest and sincere approach. We do not consider our clients as mere buyers or associates as mere executors. They are our business partners with whom we strive to develop long-term cooperation and mutual trust.

Team Work

In order to always have a winning team, we encourage and value each individual's personal initiative. Thanks to such project-oriented organization, we are able to respond even to complex business challenges.


Theoretic knowledge is something we acquired in the course of our education. Rich practical experience and business skills are something we have been acquiring over the years by doing the job we love. We are proud of expertize with which we offer our clients adequate business solutions.


The world is constantly changing. Modern business environment requires prompt adjustment to new business rules. In order to remain up-to-date, we continuously improve and apply various cutting-edge solutions to our business tasks.


Quite often we immerse ourselves in the world of imagination. This is where we seek motivation and inspiration for our ideas. There are no limits and boundaries for thoughts, but it is pure art to know how to transform such thoughts into achievable goals.


There is no such thing as a simple, express or ready-made solution to a business problem. For us, each new assignment is a new challenge which requires a specific and original approach.

Our goals are:

  • to improve our client's businesses,
  • to have our clients regard us as honest and sincere consultants,
  • to raise the standards of marketing services quality,
  • to maintain a friendly relationship with everybody,
  • to provide employees with a chance to demonstrate their abilities and skills and to advance in their careers,
  • to encourage and develop competitive spirit,
  • to contribute to the improvement of the marketing profession,
  • to create a positive outlook on life and an optimistic environment where goals can be achieved.


Do you have any doubts that we can be your long-term future marketing partner? Please, take a look at some of our projects and read what our clients have to say about us. Contact us for a customized offer tailored to your unique goals - short and long term.


And do not forget success does not come out of the blue! Let's build it together!




Our previous web site was awarded for its creative concept and design.


Since February 2009 we have been a member of the Association of Marketing Agencies with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC-AMA). Through active participation in this association, we try to contribute to raising standards and quality of marketing services by cooperating and sharing experience with other members.